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Every mobile, and for that matter online casino site you will find available will come with its own built in theme, as you can probably guess from the name of this casino site the Golden Tiger Casino boasts its own unique Asia theme, and this is one of the many top rated casino sites listed on our website that uses the very powerful and state of the are gaming platform and suite of casino games as supplied by Microgaming. Play Now!

New and Ongoing Player Bonus Promotions at Golden Tiger Casino

The sign up new player bonus which is on offer at the Golden Tiger Mobile Casino site is quite a unique yet very generous one, so if you are looking to take advantage of a bonus offer that is not commonly available elsewhere then please do keep on reading as we think you are going to be very interested in what Canadian Online Casinos have to offer!

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You need to download and sign up as a new player at the Golden Tiger Casino and then when you log into your account for the very first time as a real money player you will be able to instantly claim a no deposit required bonus worth 1500.00 this is a multi currency type of free bonus so you will get it credited to your account in whatever currency you chose to set your Golden Tiger account at when you registered as a new player.

You then have up to 60 minutes to try and win as much as 100.00 in additional credits by playing and winning on a range of their available games, as soon as you have placed enough bets as per their terms and conditions which can be found on their website, you will be able to keep those winnings of up to 100.00 as bonus credits once you make a qualifying deposit of just 40.00!

Golden Tiger Casino Review

I signed up to Golden Tiger Casino due to the fact you can self audit your own game play. To be honest I am always sceptical when casinos say their games are fair and random, but thanks to the Play Check feature available at this casino I can review every single gaming session I have had.

It does have to be said when you use Play Check you get a detailed overview of every single game played off, so you can see both your starting and finishing balance and exactly how the reels or cards spun in or were dealt out.

By using that feature you can then verify just how much you both won and lost and if you know how to you can also work out the payout percentage you achieved during any real money session you had.

The range of classic and three reel slots is one of the main reasons I play at Golden Tiger Casino, and what I like most of all about those games is that they all offer a range of different coin value settings, so you are always in control over just how much you wager per spin too.

The fact that Microgaming have published and made available the payout percentages on all of their slots games too makes it somewhat easier for players to pick out the slots which have been set to payout more of their stake money as winning payouts over the long term.

For reference I have found that is it both the Couch Potato slot and the High Five slot games which have the highest payout percentages, both are high variance slots designed as single pay line classic slots and the payout percentage of both of those slots is 97.40%!

It took me quite a while to discover Golden Tiger Casino, but I'm glad I did. I tend to look for casino and games sites that offer scratchcards in their gaming suites as those are the types of games I am quite fond of playing.

I have had a fair deal of luck on their scratchcard games, but one thing I like about them the most is that they all have their own unique themes and come with additional animations and sound effects which mean they are not boring games to play.

Thanks to the multi-stake options on their range of scratch card games I can play for any stake level I want but the paybacks on the cards do not change when you alter the stake levels you play for, and some of them do offer high valued jackpots too.

Being an avid Blackjack player I have to say that the variety and range of variants on offer at Golden Tiger Casino is huge, and if you enjoy playing Blackjack as much as I do there is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy playing here too.

The house edges on offer at some casino sites in rewards to not only the Blackjack games but some of the other card based casino games are very high, and that does of course reduce your chances of winning when playing such games.

I have discovered that when playing variants such as the Golden Tiger Casinos Classic Blackjack game the house edge that game will return if you are playing perfect is just 0.13%, I have yet to find another casino that offers such a low house edge on any of their Blackjack games!

The fact that you can now play video poker games online was one of the main reasons I decide to give Golden Tiger Casino a try, I have been playing video poker games for more years than I care to remember and have a good idea of how to play lots of different variants.

There is a variant on offer at Golden Tiger that is called the All Aces game, and if you do enjoy playing video poker as much as I do then you really ought to check out and play that game for its payout percentage is huge at 99.92%.

You do have to play each game with the best strategy of course, but one thing I have discovered is that when you click onto the option settings tab there is the option to activate the auto hold setting which mean the game will automatically hold the best cards for you on each initial five cards dealt out to you. 

I have always been a believer that if I am spending my own hard earned money playing at a casino site then that casino should give me plenty of additional extras in return for being a loyal player, and that is something I do get when playing at my local brick and mortar casino.

However, I like the fact that the Golden Tiger Casino also has their own loyalty scheme in place that awards loyalty points as you play any of their games, and I also like the fact that the redemption rates for turning point into playing credits are not that high.

I do tend to get ore additional playing credits when playing at that casino than most others online thanks to their generous players club, and they are always sending out promotional offers to me via email many of which are high valued deposit match type bonuses too.

There is one main aspect of playing at online casino sites that can and does drive mad and that is when I win and put in a withdrawal request but then have to wait an absolute age before my winnings are processed and then sent out to me.

Some casinos make you practically beg them to get paid and you will often find you have to hound their customer support team daily in the hope they will finally get around to sending you out your winnings.

I have to say however that over the many years I have been a player at Golden Tiger  Casino I have always found that they pay me within a couple of days and I have always received each payment on time and in full, and that is why I shall remain loyal to them for the foreseeable future.

I originally signed up at Golden Tiger Casino using their instant play gaming platform, for I liked the fact i could use my web browser as the way to access and play their range of games without wasting time downloading any software and games directly onto my computer.

However, one thing I noticed is that when using that gaming platform you can only play one single game at a time as there is no option available on it to play several games all simultaneously, which is something I do like to occasionally do.

It was then I switched over to their fully downloadable gaming platform and that is where I discovered the tabbed browser feature, which not only lets you open up and play several different games all at the same time, but you can also drag the windows of each game anywhere on your computer screen too.

Being able to set my casino account not only to the currency I use most often but also by being able to set the language I wish all of the games and the help files to be displayed on really have made a lot of difference to my online playing sessions.

If you are thinking of signing up to Golden Tiger Casino then make sure you follow my advice and set your casino account when you are registering as a new player to the currency you use where it is you live in the world.

Also, if English is not your own home language then you can also set the language that will be used on the software yourself, and you will also find that Golden Tiger Casino allows you to contact and communicate with their support team in one of several different languages too!

Never play at any casinos that require you to have to make high valued deposits, for when playing at those types of casinos you will never have the chance of depositing a much smaller amount and you will then of course then find you may end up spending way more money than you initially intended.

Golden Tiger Casino not only have some relatively low deposit limits in place on their banking interface, but I have found out of all the casino sites I have played at they do tend to have the bigger range of payment methods available too.

Try and use a debit card if you have one, for I have found that they will then be able to pay your winnings back to the bank account that the debit card is linked up to, and that mean you will get paid much quicker and without having to pay any additional withdrawal fees too.

I have always had a passion for playing progressive slot machines, and I have tried out and played at lots of different online casinos over the last eight or nine years. But when it comes to a casino I know I can trust and one that does have a huge number of those types of slot games I always make a beeline to play at Golden Tiger Casino.

Their progressive jackpot slots offer lots of different themes and they also have lots of different categories of slot games that have progressive jackpots attached, so at least I do get to play various different slots for different stake levels too.

The way in which Microgaming who supply their range of games and software too have designed each progressive jackpot awarding slot is that when you win a jackpot they pay it out to you in some payment, rather than spreading your jackpot payout over several months or even years!

If I have just one word of advice for anyone who is looking to play at a casino site for the very first time it will be for them to sign up and then play at Golden Tiger Casino. I have been a player there for over ten years now and have never ever experienced any type of problems.

Their cashiers interface is a breeze to use and you always have plenty of different ways that you can make either a deposit or a withdrawal and when you win I have found they never take more than a few days to pay out my winnings in full.

But it has to be the bonuses and promotional offers that Golden Tiger Casino gives away and makes available to their players that makes playing there so good for their bonuses always come with fair terms and conditions and if you do win with their bonuses they never pull any stints to try and void your winnings which some casinos are famed for doing to players!

I like the huge mix of different games available at Golden Tiger Casino, but I have found that when you use their downloadable gaming platform the number of games available is way higher than when you play using their instant play no download gaming platform.

So therefore if you have been thinking of signing up to that casino site I think you will be much better off using their downloadable gaming platform, as that way you are going to find lot of games available upon it that are not available on their other game platform.

One other thing you may be interested in is that you can also access any of their games for free when using either gaming platform, the only game you cannot play for free are their progressive jackpot awarding games but all other games do have a free play version on offer to players.

I was always under the impression that when you play at any casino site that has the Microgaming software platforms you are only then restricted to playing a range of games that Microgaming have designed, which did somewhat put me off playing at such a casino.

However I have no discovered that quite a slot of the slot machines and slot games available at sites such as Golden Tiger Casino are actually designed by other companies, and as such you do get a good mix of different slots on offer to you all of which offer different bonus games and playing formats too.

I like the fact that as a low rolling player there are plenty of different slot machines that come with fully configurable staking options, meaning I am always in full control over the stakes that I play them for and also thing such as the number of pay lines I can activate too.

Having been on the hunt for a casino site that has lots of different card games, I stumbled upon this website and found a generous sign up bonus available for Golden Tiger Casino, so I decided to give that casino a try and make use of that sign up bonus too.

The bonus was credited to may account instantly which was good and I also have to say that I was very impressed by just how diverse the range of card games was, and it was not just high house edge Blackjack games on offer either.

The casino poker based card games do offer plenty of different staking options, so if you are looking for a casino site that does have plenty of card games on offer, which come with a range of different payout structures then I am happy to recommend Golden Tiger Casino to any player.

The house edges on all of the casino games at Golden Tiger Casino an and obviously do vary in size depending on just which game you actually choose to play, but one thing I noticed is that some of the multi-hand games have different house edges than the single hand games.

So if you enjoy playing card games for example then one game which does have a tiny house edge is the single hand Classic Blackjack game, but be warned that the multi-hand variant does have a higher house edge due to there being more decks of cards in the shoe of that game.

Also games such as video poker also have different payout percentages when you choose to play either the single hand or multi-hand variants, one game I have noticed offers different payout percentages is the Deuces Wild video poker game.

It took my quite a while to understand how I access my comp points as a player at Golden Tiger Casino, for I was unaware that the owner of that casino site also operates lots of other casino sites online and has a unique type of comp club scheme in place.

So if you do decide to sign up to that casino site be aware that all of the comp points you earn not just at Golden Tiger Casino but at all of the many other Microgaming software powered casino sites they also own and operate are all pooled together in one central account.

If you wish to redeem your comp points and get them turned into playing credits you need to access your Casino rewards account and then choose how many points you wish o redeem and turn into playing credits and also pick an account at any of their casino sites to have those comp points credited to.

Always read the terms and the conditions of any bonus you wish to claim at any online casino site, for over the years I have come across some casino sites that offer what look like generous bonuses, only o find they are not that generous when you look through the terms and conditions.

However, it does have to be said that in regards to the play through requirements you will first have to achieve before your bonus credits are turned into cash credits as a player at Golden Tiger Casino are very fair and reasonable and that is why I do make use of many of their bonus offers

As soon as you have played through your bonus credits the required number of times that casinos site will then allow you to withdraw your winnings in a hassle free way and you can claim as many of their bonuses as you like without getting bonus banned too!

 Loving the way that Golden Tiger Casino always has lots of new games available each month of the year, and I also like the way that you are able to play any of their new games for free before playing hem for real money.

The only thing I have noticed about that casino site in regards to their new games is that most of them tend to be slot games,  would live to see a general mix of new games being launched each month to give us players of other games some new ones to get stuck into playing.

However, having said that with hundreds of games available and plenty of different variants on offer in each game category there is probably more than enough games and variant of those games on offer to keep all players happy.

 I never liked playing at downloadable casinos for I have found that some of them not only take an absolute age to download but they also take up a huge amount of storage space on your computer too.

Golden Tiger Casino is a casino I recently discovered and I like the fact that they offer an instant play type of gaming platform, which I can access on several different computers by using any type of web browser, so gone have the days of waiting before you can play any games by having to hang on until all of the individual games download.

The actual range of games available on their instant play gaming platform is impressive too, in fact I am convinced that that casino has more instant play games than any other casino, plus I like the fact that I can also play any of their game for free without being forced to only play them in a real money playing environment.

Golden Tiger Mobile Casino Games

You will always have the ability to play any of the mobile or online casino games available at the Golden Tiger Casino site either at no risk what so ever via their free play collection of games or you can of course give them some play time as a real money player, and below are just a very small fraction of their available games and an overview of them.

5 Reel Drive – For slot players that are seeking what can be best described as a laid back type of slot playing session then we can highly recommend the 5 Reel Drive slot for it has no bonus features to slow down your gaming session but it does come with lots of different stake options, 9 pay lines of the usual very high payout percentage that Microgaming design all of their mobile and online slot games to play out to!

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Aces and Eights : How about you giving some of the many video poker game son offer at the golden Tiger Casino some play time, doing so you will find that the pay table as with all of their video poker game variants, are some of the highest paying ones in the industry and that will always ensure you have the maximum winning opportunities when playing any of these types of casino card based games.

Card Games : Should you much prefer the low house edge casino card games then you will find games such as blackjack and baccarat are always available at the zodiac mobile casino, you are going to be able to play these types of card games for low or high stake levels and whenever you play them for real money you will be earning comp points.

Roulette Games : If you enjoy playing Roulette then there will be two things that you will of course be seeking from any type of Roulette game you end up playing, you will be demanding the lowest house edge variants to play and you will also want the game to have completely enhanced graphics, and by playing the European or French Roulette games offered by the Golden Tiger Casino site then you will be playing a game offering a low house edge and perfect crystal clear graphics an animations!

Play Real Money Games at Golden Tiger Casino

We just know that you will enjoy playing at the Golden Tiger Casino site, but should you require a few more reasons why it will be beneficial for you to play her as a real money player, then below we have compiled a few of the additional benefits that will be bestowed on you whenever you log into their casino and play their huge and impressive suite of games in a real money environment.

Big Bonuses and Promotional Offers – The promotions team over at the Golden Tiger Casino site have a very large budget and as such you are always going to find the bonuses and special promotional offers that you are able to claim as a real money player will give you excellent playing value and should enable you to get some longer than average gaming sessions and always have a chance of winning big.

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Golden Tiger is a Trusted online Casino

The trusted Parent Company that owns and operates this casino site is the Casino Rewards Group, they own and operate the largest number of Microgaming Casinos and as such are big enough to care yet a casino operator that truly values each and every one of their players, so a fully enjoyable and rounded type of online gambling experience will be had here whenever you choose to play!

Online Gaming at Golden Tiger Casino Sites

First Class Gaming Experience – There is not one single aspect of playing at this casino site that is going to drive you nuts! They have a very simple registration form that as soon as you fill it in and complete it you will then be able to access all of their casino games, they have lots of different banking options so making a deposit or a withdrawal is quick and hassle free and they always have support agents on hand if you every have any technical problems.